Capital Fly Casting Canberra, Australia


I would strongly recommend Lyall for all your needs in learning the wonderful art of fly fishing. Lyall gave up a weekend of his time to teach me whilst I was on a retreat “Casting for Recovery’ for women with breast cancer. Thanks to Lyall I was able to pick up the craft in a short time. Lyall is one of the gifted trainers who can impart knowledge adapted to the learners needs.

I am fortunate to be able to still see Lyall in action (a joy to watch) as he practices fly casting at my local oval. Thanks Lyall for giving your time to teach others such a wonderful sport, sorry that the huge fish snapped the 9.5 pound tippet !!! I will definitely be back.

Sarah Schoonwater

My father died 18 years ago and with him my desire to fish. It was a really special thing we did together. My lovely wife tried to reinvigorate my love for fly fishing by getting me lessons, books, gear and personal stream guides. It was only a chance meeting with Lyall at a ski lodge fishing day that I found not only a fly fishing teacher but also a kind and patient person interested in honing my skills. His style is not to judge or criticise or show how great he is - it is very much about you and your improvement. He used analogies I could immediately understand and recall when pressured in a stream. He has raised my casting skill to a level so that I can competently negotiate streams surrounded by vegetation and pull out plenty of trout (I previously fished lakes). Lyall has done what my wife could not - help me regain my love of fishing. After fishing a stream and pulling out a good number of trout, I sit and quietly thank Lyall, as I feel very close to my dad again. I highly recommend Lyall for all levels of fly fishing ability, whether beginning or wanting to improve to become an expert caster. I can't thank you enough Lyall.

J de M

Lyall's fly casting classes at Capital Fly Casting are fun and informative. Lyall brings his fly fishing successes from around the world, fresh water and salt, to bear in his classes. From small mouth bass and cutthroat in the USA, to Atlantic salmon in Scotland, to fast running bonefish in the Central Pacific and to huge sailfish in the South China Sea - he has casts which will equip you for your next overseas fly fishing adventure.

He takes the lead when Canberra Anglers'Association organises their annual free fly casting clinics for the public on the lawns of Australia's Old Parliament House held here in Canberra in September, culminating with a day catching trout on private waters in the Snowy Mountains. I can recommend taking a casting class with Capital Fly Casting, and if you are interested in coming along then keep an eye on or click here each August for details of casting clinics at Old Parliament House.

Jason Quirk President Canberra Anglers' Association

I recently had a two-handed casting tune up with Lyall prior to an overseas trip to Scotland and Iceland. I found him to be patient and professional. His teaching methods were well advised and he was very encouraging. My Roll and Spey casting improved dramatically and made me confident I would enjoy the salmon fishing I was about to undertake. I can highly recommend Lyall to anyone who wants to learn or improve their fly casting.

Brian Hetherington (Hippo) President ACT Fly Fishers

I'm in a wheelchair and needed help working out how to achieve the basics of fly fishing. I found Lyall very patient and considerate working out how I can fly fish within the limitations of my wheelchair. Instead of sitting and watching I can now take part in this relaxing sport. Thank you Lyall.


Lyall is a Certified Casting Instructor who, with a watchful eye, is able to intuitively pick up that primary mistake in one's casting technique which creates all other problems and, with simple clearly understandable explanations, I found myself doing creditable casts after only one hour. He explains in a very few simple words, or even better paints a picture showing by his own casting, what to do or not to do. I also gained a lot when he took me for a few hours fishing in the pools and rapids of the Howqua River in Vistoria. He showed me the correct setting up of the fly line, leader and tippet and which fly and coached me in fly presentation in a pool and in fact I caught a trout there and then in that pool and also hooked one the next day working up the pools on my own. With his simple, practical and easily assimilated instruction, I have gone from essentially a complegte novice to someone who has some confidence that he can actually catch trout on the fly. I have also watched him improve, add to and sharpen the casting skills of more experienced fly fishers, where they cast more fluidly, accurately and greater distance in just one session with him or they have become more proficient with roll and other casts.

Bohdan Shehovych

I recently had a session with Lyall to brush up on my saltwater casting prior to a much anticipated trip to Weipa. Lyall took me through various casting techniques and covered distance, accuracy and speed - the essentials of a Weipa trip - which helped make the trip one to remember. One little trick he demonstrated, known as the saltwater quick cast, saved me a lot of grief with tangled lines when boat fishing. Lyall is very knowledgeable in all forms of fly fishing and casting and an interesting and patient teacher. I would recommend Lyall's classes to anyone beginning fly fishing or to experienced fishers looking to tune up their casting skills for that big trip.


I have been fly fishing now for just over a year. A friend initially taught me how to cast, which was then supplemented by copious amounts of YouTube viewing. After a very frustrating day on a lake a friendly and experienced fly fisherman chatted to me and provided me with some sage advice ... if you want to improve your fly fishing, don't spend any more money on gear - go get fly casting instruction! This was backed up by advice on numerous fly fishing podcasts I was also listening to ... success is most influenced by your ability to present a fly correctly and accurately. I looked up Lyall at Capital Fly Casting Canberra and we set up a short program to improve my casting. The fly casting instruction was done locally in Canberra. We started with the basics of rod grip options, loop control and practice drills to do myself. The follow-on lessons included roll-casting, casting around obstructions, casting in the wind and accuracy drills. The hands on one-to-one fly casting instruction improved my skills at least ten times faster than watching videos. My casting has improved out of sight and I still surprise myself when I can accurately land a fly with a fifteen foot leader in a creek less than two metres wide. Following the casting instruction I am definitely catching more fish and fewer trees and tussocks. I strongly recommend Lyall at Capital Fly Casting in Canberra. The cost of lessons is outweighed by the reduced frustration and greater success on the water.