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FFI Casting Skills Program

Fly Fishers International - Fly Casting Skills Program

The Fly Casting Skills Program was devised in mid-2018 by Fly Fishers International as a fun program to improve your fly casting and through it, your fishing. It includes three levels progressing from Bronze to Gold and covers the casts used by most anglers in a variety of fly fishing situations. The Bronze level program is designed for the novice fly caster (but not beginner) while the Silver and Gold levels are aimed at improving the casting skills of intermediate and advanced level fly fishers.

Each level has well defined expectations for each task against which you will be tested. Should you wish to, you can receive achievement certificates and badges for each level from Fly Fishers International. With the exception of the gold level, you do not have to pass all the tasks in one test. You can sit the test and pass four of the seven tasks one day for example, practice those you did not pass and re-sit the final three tasks another day. It is intended to be a low stress, fun way of advancing your casting.

By way of example, the tasks for the Bronze level casting skills program are:

1. Pick up and lay down cast to a target at 40 feet

2. Casting vertical to horizontal then presenting a fly to within 4 feet of a measuring tape extended to 40 feet

3. Roll cast on your dominant side and deliver a fly to within 2 feet of a target at 40 feet

4. Roll cast on your non-dominant side and deliver a fly to within 2 feet of a target at 40 feet

5. Shooting line using a pick up and lay down cast with 40 feet of line extended, shooting to 45 feet to within 4 feet either side of an extended measuring tape

6. Accuracy, aiming at targets at 20, 30 and 40 feet, landing your fly within 2 feet of the target

7. Distance, casting 50 feet or more, landing your fly within 4 feet either side of an extended measuring tape.


Casting tuition is $50 per hour. Capital Fly Casting can facilitate an unpaid, independent examiner. To book your lesson, simply e-mail us at

In order to be awarded your Fly Fishers International certificate of achievement and badge, you must be a member of FFI. Join here