Capital Fly Casting Canberra, Australia

Capital Fly Casting - Canberra, Australia

Why Learn Fly Casting?

Fly casting is the art of presenting your fly to a fish, using a fly line, in order to catch it.

The better you are at presenting the fly, the more fish you will catch and the more you will enjoy your fishing experience. Our internationally accredited casting instructors can arrange classes at a location convenient to you, usually on the grass and free from casting obstructions.

We guarantee that after spending an hour with an accredited casting instructor, you will walk away a better caster.

Why Improve Your Casting?

You have been fly fishing for years but, be honest, you don't fish much or practice casting during the winter. It is August or September and the mountain rivers are about to open. You could either take a one hour casting tune up or buy half a cheap new fly reel or a third of a new fly line for the same price. Which will better help you catch that first trout of the season?

You are about to fly to Exmouth in Western Australia to fish for huge trevally on the fly. You have made a huge investment in air tickets and accommodation but you have not cast in a few months ... well actually a year to be honest. Invest less than the cost of an Exmouth dinner and tune up your salt water casting so that you are on the fish from day one.